Visualise, track and record data from virtually everything.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce MTTR across your critical communications assets
  • Contextual insights give next-level situational awareness
  • Reduce resources required to manage operational networks
  • Single source of truth, stops finger pointing
  • Pull data from third party systems, reducing barrier to entry
  • Features

  • GPS Tracking of assets and device states, 24x7, in real-time.
  • One-touch Radio Frequency (RF) planning.
  • Seamless historical playback of significant events.
  • Real-time alerting via user friendly trigger functions.
  • Custom polling engines for obscure devices

  • Screenshots

    Supported Devices

    If you can't find your device in the list, don't worry. When we integrate at your site we will build a polling engine for it.


    IMS Brochure


    IMS Quickstart Guide


    IMS Integration Guide


    IMS Deployment Options

    Standard IMS Installation

    A standard IMS deployment would suit a deployment in a small to medium enterprise. All of the IMS Components are deployed on a single VM, which is easy to deploy and maintain.

    Distributed IMS Installation

    A distributed IMS deployment splits the IMS components over three VMs. It would suit an AHS deployment deployment in a large enterprise. By breaking up the functions of the IMS onto three separate servers, it allows for the Frontend to be deployed in the enterprise environment where the IMS users will be. The API then gets deployed in a DMZ and the Backend is then deployed in the FMS subnet.