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End-to-End support models, unique scalable solutions with expert level technical resources.

Integrated Management System

Visualise and optimise your IP and sensor networks with IMS.

A unique single-pane-of-glass platform to collate, manage and view real-time data.

A rich, geo based UI provides an unique user experience and view of your operation that is unparalleled.

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Cross Platform

IMS is a native HTML5 application, requiring only a web browser to access it. This means that it's simple to deploy in a corporate environment on everything from Windows to MAC OS to Linux, including tablets and mobiles.

Historical Data

Drag the time slider back and forth to see all your assets go backward and forward in time. Use it to visualise relationships and network connections as they happened, or use customisable dashboards to view historical performance.


View network topology and status of your 802.11, LTE or low powered mesh, like LoRa, Xbee or Zigbee (802.15.4). IMS gives technical users the power to manage and understand the entire network, through the single-pane-of-glass.


View the status of your site's infrastructure. Store images, view battery states, solar panel health and run times. Control on/off states of remote devices.


Real-time alerts via on-screen pop-ups, emails or SMSs. All with full detail on the event that is occuring, helping to maintain availability and productivity.

Custom Dashboards

Customisable reporting dashboards to provide deep insights into historical trends and data. Enable highly accurate root-cause analysis and incident identification.


Ruggedised devices to capture critical information.

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TracBox sends periodic location and status updates to IMS, where you can view asset health in real-time.


Gain visibility of the location and sensor data of assets such as; generators, pumps, bores, flow meters and lighting towers all visualised through IMS.


Reads the OBDII diagnostics messages from vehicles to then display on IMS.

Operational Technology Support Centre

There to support networks and systems critical to an operation.
Our experts are available 24x7 to remediate and optimise your operational networks.

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On-Site Services

Truly optimise your operation with our mining technology experts.
Our team specialises in Autonomous technologies and networking in operational, project and maintenance environments.

Autonomous Maintenance

Partnering with the major OEM's, FTP has generated monumental value through the expertise of our on-site autonomous technicians.

Network Design

Our wireless engineers are there with our clients full design and implementation cycle. Designing world class networks for critical operations.

Technical Resource
Consulting Service

The skilled resources at FTP help clients to realise their potential through structured processes, procedures and work plans.

Embedded Specialists

Embedded technical specialists give our clients the support and leading edge they need to extract value from their current operations.

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