Operational Technology Support Centre

We help organisations find their true potential with our customised technologies and end-to-end support models. This gives our customers greater visibility and insight of their internal and external operations.

Service Levels

vNOC Autonomy

Targeted at clients using autonomous technologies, vNOC Autonomy ensures customers experience the highest in network availability and reliability. Customers with this level of support receive dedicated OTSC resources and access to FTP’s priority relationship with OEM’s for escalation of issues, and integration of proprietary monitoring and alerting messages. This level of service is unparalleled in the mining industry, and as such we collaborate with clients to define unique performance metrics and KPIs that optimise your autonomy network.

vNOC Premium

Premium service ensures that all issues related to operational networks are discovered, reported, prioritised, assigned, and escalated to the relevant resources and contact points within the customer’s support/technical team. Clients benefit from constant input from and interaction with FTP and True North Solutions SMEs. This includes a detailed root cause analysis whenever there is a network issue, network recommendations and remediation suggestions and IMS trigger customisations; where an expert within the OTSC team can help tune triggers and alerts for your enterprise.

vNOC Standard

vNOC Standard delivers a higher level of support to the customer by layering FTP and True North’s knowledge offering with FTP Assist by providing access to remote subject matter experts located within the OTSC. Offered across single or multiple sites, vNOC Standard ensures the presence of reliable resources to conduct daily health checks and conduct incident management. Our OTSC specialists leverage IMS’ features to improve network performance, streamlining fault identification procedures, reducing downtime and mean-time-to-recovery. vNOC Standard is not available for 24x7 coverage.

FTP Assist

This base support level (formerly called OTSC Technical Support) is a line item included with the purchase of FTP-branded hardware of software such as IMS. It has been designed to provide the customer with maximum visibility of their network, while leaving the daily monitoring, optimization and resolution of detected issues to the customer. FTP stands by its products and, as such, will assist the user with any FTP related hardware or software fault. Clients also receive generic, pre-configured dashboards and access to the online wiki and support material.

    Reduce number of personnel required to respond to an incident on the ground

    Reduce opportunity cost of the management of incidents by removing interface barriers

    Optimize network availability by reducing MTTR

    Reduction in maintenance and support staff for OEM's on-site

    Accelerate Root Cause Analysis and generate lead indicators for automation of responses and rectification process

    Retain developed knowledge in the organization

    Enable the drivers for the change to Autonomous Technology to be achieved

    Reduction in support costs by maintaing a single truth source

Case Studies

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