We are a result-driven,
modern technology

We know exactly what elements your mining site or plant need to unveil the best opportunity.

In addition to our software and services, we can also supply and support a wide variety of ICT infrastructure, some of which is supplied directly from FTP as the OEM, and others from major local and global ICT OEM’s

Integrated Management System (IMS)

Key information is presented in real time, through a feature-packed, yet fast, flexible and intuitive user interface that allows you to unlock performance gains and drive efficiencies across every aspect of your business – from the mine site all the way through to the market.


IMS - Wireless Manager

Integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and its flexible and intuitive interface allows the user to remotely monitor signal strength and track asset connectivity, as well as verifying site-wide RF coverage, latency and availability.


The next generation of operational intelligence hardware

The Compact Re-deployable Communications Unit (CRCU) was specifically designed to be plug and play in harsh environments, such as those found in the Pilbara.

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