About Us

We work with customers as trusted partners, delivering future-proof end-to-end technology-based products, services, and guidance. We’re part of our client’s team, and we share their objectives.

With our unique insight into the latest trends and innovations, we offer prudent advice and recommendations to help businesses grow, evolve, and become more competitive. By providing easy access to critical real-time and historical data, our solutions empower clients to make informed strategic business decisions.

We take the time to work closely with clients to understand the whole picture, so we can distil their complex technology and business problems into clear, actionable and measurable tasks. We deliver simple, streamlined and functional end-to-end solutions that make life easier for our clients.

Our solutions help businesses to focus on what is important, enabling them to improve their agility, enhance their processes, and operate more productively and efficiently.

Meet the team behind FTP.


Lachlan McMahon

Managing Director

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Adrian Mills

Solutions Manager

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Neale Williams

Remote Operations Manager

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Acea Quigg

Technical Director

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Scott Mills

Technical Director

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Aaron Low

Dev Team Lead

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Cainan Parker

Account Manager

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